Kredit Skor

In addition to the financing component, IPasar ClearingB2B and Pefindo Credit Bureauprovides credit services as a complementary service to the SME. The credit services involve assessing thecreditworthiness of the borrower. IPasar ClearingB2B typically base this assessment on a combination of its own proprietary data and publicly available data on account payment performance.

 IPasar ClearingB2B’s edge over other online lending companies is its proprietary “Automated Credit Decisioning” and “Risk Based Pricing” technology, which allows it to quickly make decisions about how much to loan based on an individual’s credit risk.The borrowers can choose to share the ratings information with multiple customers, reduce the need for multiple rating process.

 IPasar ClearingB2B assigns a loan grade and an interest rate to every approved loan. An A+ grade loan has a lower interest rate than a C- grade loan, reflecting the lower expected losses and lower expected volatility of returns associated with A+ loans.

Loan Grade & Credit Score

Definition                                                       Loan Grade                      Pefindo Credit Score       
Tertinggi (Highest)     Excellent (720+)
Tinggi (High)     High (660-720)
Diatas Rata-rata (Above Average)     Good (600-660)
Rata-rata (Average)     Fair (550-600)
Dibawah Rata-rata (Below Average)     Poor (<550)
Tidak Memadai (Inadequate)      
Buruk (Poor)      
Gagal (Default)