Clearing Business-toBusiness

We clear business-to-business transactions,from Trade Transactions (buying and selling products/services),and Credits (trade credits), and Settlement (payment services of the charges for goods/services/deliveries, and loans).

IPasar ClearingB2B act as an intermediary between transacting parties to avoid disputes and contentions before they occur and to ensure that all parties are protected against authentication, repudiation, legal and settlement risk. The risk management technique, employed by the IPasar ClearingB2B in eliminating risks between transacting parties, allows the ability to eliminate the risks involved in Business-to-Business transactions with a large value.

Also, that over time it will accumulate enough data of trade, credit and settlement to provide rating agencies and financial institutions information on KUKM, that allows the KUKM to build a credit history that may allow additional lending with a lower cost (for fixed assets, for example). To date, there are no established credible metrics for evaluating KUKM credit risks. The absence of such tools for measuring risks has resulted in high costs of borrowing for the sector. By providing relevant information on the transactions done through IPasar ClearingB2B, financial institutions should feel comfortable financing individual KUKM.

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